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Employee Wellness That Works

Does my business need a wellness program?

Every business can benefit from partnering with a wellness program. When an employee improves their physical health, they have an easier time focusing on their career and are more productive. A wellness program also improves company culture by making your employees feel cared for.

About Profile by Sanford

Profile is a modern weight loss and nutrition program that believes compassionate coaching and smart science can transform lives. We offer employers a no-cost, turnkey wellness solution. A Profile representative will come to your business, hold webinars, or work with you on a custom enrollment and communication plan.
Healthy Lifestyle Support
No need to worry about investing valuable resources into developing healthy lifestlye support. Profile will supply worksite wellness posters, access to our Work Your Wellness landing page, and monthly health tip emails you can pass on to your employees.
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Recurring Reports
Your employees’ success is your success. Employees will lose at least 15% of their body weight in the first year of the plan. We’ll track their progress and deliver reports showing the collective progress of the group.
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Onsite and Virtual Group Education
Not everyone has time to leave during their work day and we understand that! Profile provides group education on health and wellness topics for both members and nonmembers.
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No Employer Expense
Partnering with Profile comes at no expense to the employer. Our on-site presentations, support materials, and healthy lifestyle tips are free of cost. Expenses are passed on to members, but they get a great deal thanks to your partnership!
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A Discount for Your Employees
Your employees will save $100 on our success kit. This kit includes everything they need for successful weight loss: • Smart Body Scale + Wireless Bridge • Food Scale • Profile Blender Bottle • Profile Camelback • Profile Cookbook
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What Our Partners Say

“Profile has been amazing. They’ve been super easy to work with. They have brought a bunch of ideas to the table and have been willing to adapt them to our culture and our employees’ needs. The average participant has lost 20+ pounds!”

- Joel Spoonheim, Director of Health Promotion, HealthPartners

Ready to transform lives?

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