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It's Proven. Lifestyle Changes Lead to Lasting Results.

The weight loss methods and healthy lifestyle interventions Profile uses were heavily studied and evaluated by top researchers and physicians at Sanford Health. The weight loss success that over 185,000 Profile members have seen further proves the science behind the Profile program works. Here is what the studies that back Profile say:

  • Those who work with a Profile health coach lose 3 times more weight than people that try to lose weight by themselves, even when using apps or books as support.1

  • Individuals see the greatest weight loss when they follow a program like Profile that pairs health coaching support with meal replacements.2

  • Profile’s tailored nutrition education (journey mapping) improves dietary quality of adults long-term.3

  • Research shows that the 1-on-1 health coaching Profile offers is an effective strategy to help individuals manage chronic conditions as well as improve physiological, behavioral, and psychological conditions.4

Additionally, a study was done to see how the lifestyle interventions of the Profile program benefit patients with type 2 diabetes. The research found:

  • A significant decrease in medication usage. In fact, diabetic drug savings for Sanford Health Plan was approximately $4,000 per month with a total drug savings of $48,000 per year for the 38 individuals with type 2 diabetes that participated.

  • Average weight loss for the 38 participants was 14.4 lbs with an average BMI reduction of 1.8 points.

The Science Behind Health Coaching [Whitepaper]

Profile's one-on-one health coaching plays a key role in individuals acquiring and sustaining new healthy habits. Learn the science behind why in this white paper. Some key takeaways include:

• How Profile uses the self-determination theory to help individuals move toward intrinsic satisfaction.
• Why relationship building is the crucial component of health coaching.
• How motivation interviewing helps members resolve negative feelings about behavior change.
• Why Profile’s education resources follow a certain format.
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Profile’s Evidence-Based Nutrition Program [Whitepaper]

Profile’s nutritional program is geared toward improving dietary quality with goals developed from USDA dietary guidelines. This paper explains the evidence that backs each Profile protocol. You’ll learn:

• Why Profile uses a three-phased approach to nutrition for effective weight loss and maintenance.
• The rationale for meal replacements and how they are an evidence-based practice.
• The importance of nutrition skill building and the evidence to support it.
• How certain eating behaviors effect long-term weight loss success.
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Profile’s Health Coaching Drives Weight Loss Results [Whitepaper]

Adults with overweight and obesity are at greater risk for developing adverse health conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and certain cancers. This paper outlines:

  • Examine compliance and progress factors associated with weight loss and maintenance
  • Individual patterns of weight trends following weight loss
  • Impact of early weight loss on longer-term weight change.


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Additional Research and Resources  


Sanford Health Plan (SHP) partnered with Profile to see if lifestyle intervention could benefit 38 individuals with type 2 diabetes. As a result, SHP saw tremendous savings on diabetic drugs.

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Our popular portion guide is a great example of Profile's education resources. The guide explains what a portion size is vs. a serving size. It also includes practical methods for measuring portions.

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We discuss in-depth the key role our health coaches play in sustainable, effective weight loss. You'll also learn the science behind why people lose 3x more weight when they work with a health coach.

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